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Equipment and Machinery

11/11/2015Kafena, UAB   Phone: (+370) 60146861
Domestic appliances
10/22/2015Inovaciniai medicinos sprendimai, VšĮ   Phone: (+370) 68444911
Medical equipment and apparatus
10/20/2015AG Baldai, UAB   Phone: (+370) 61295338
Domestic appliances
10/20/2015Skalbimo mašinų remontas   Phone: (+370) 68210367
Domestic appliances and repair
10/13/2015Garanta, UAB   Phone: (+370) 60815569
Construction equipment and tools rental. Service
09/16/2015Sorimpeksas, UAB   Phone: (+370) 37361766
Medical equipment and apparatus
07/24/2015REC BalticVent, UAB   Phone: (+370) 41540670
Ventilation, air conditioning
07/15/2015G. Virkečio buitinių prietaisų remonto dirbtuvės   Phone: (+370) 69991181
Domestic appliances
05/25/2015Cramo, Šiaulių padalinys, UAB   Phone: (+370) 41522495
Construction equipment and tools rental. Service
04/07/2015S. Tarvydo įmonė   Phone: (+370) 41520444
Freezing equipment
04/07/2015L. Petkevičienės IĮ   Phone: (+370) 42260089
Gates, Fences
04/05/2015Dentoma, filialas, UAB   Phone: (+370) 68504447
Medical equipment and apparatus
04/04/2015Varlė.lt, parduotuvė Šiauliuose, UAB "Varle   Phone: (+370) 62201409
Computers and their servicing
04/03/2015Abiva, UAB   Phone: (+370) 61454396
Electrical installations
04/03/2015Vipagris, UAB   Phone: (+370) 42660370
Heating systems, equipment
04/02/2015Šiaulių r. savivaldybės priešgaisrinė tarnyba   Phone: (+370) 41583218
Fire prevention, equipment
04/02/2015GSMservisas, UAB   Phone: (+370) 65548986
Mobile phones and repair
03/31/2015Aniro, filialas, UAB   Phone: (+370) 41525070
Domestic appliances
03/30/2015Amalva, Šiaulių skyrius, UAB   Phone: (+370) 41500090
Ventilation, air conditioning
03/30/2015Kelmės priešgaisrinė gelbėjimo tarnyba   Phone: (+370) 42761388
Fire prevention, equipment

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